How to cope with being homesick

Anyone who has experienced being away from their family and friends for a long period of time will have felt homesick. I mean, what’s better than being curled up on your sofa by the fire or sleeping in your own comfy bed?

Don’t worry though, as it is perfectly okay and understandable to feel homesick, especially when spending time abroad. I miss home a lot; it is a natural feeling that can affect each of us, and sometimes you can feel actual physical pain in your heart which is not pleasant. Feeling homesick is a completely normal thing, but it not a nice feeling. So here are a few tricks that can tackle homesickness quickly.

1: Celebrate your homesickness (for 24 hours)

Being homesick is a bit like how you feel after a break up. Sometimes you just have to feel bad and eat much ice cream for a few days – but then you have to get back up. What if you were celebrating a homesick day and getting rid of all the bad feelings at once?

Try to eat food from home, listen to music from your home country, call your friends, etc. And then, after 24 hours, stop and go on a sightseeing tour with the group of people you met last week. Thus, your homesickness will certainly pass quickly!

2: Find a favourite place

It is important to find a favourite place where you can reflect on your thoughts and contently think of home. Why don’t you find something familiar that makes you feel at home, e.g. a park bench or a café with comfortable sofas. Soon the baristas will know how you take your coffee or you will always see the same people walking with their dogs.

Tips against homesickness 3: Meet new people

The more people you know, the easier it is to distract yourself and have something to do (result → no homesickness). This is usually easier if you are still in school or travelling in a group. Getting into a room where you do not know anyone can be scary, but you never know what kind of friendships you make when you leave your comfort zone (and enter a strange place).

Tips against homesickness 4: Avoid boredom

Boredom is a good basis for homesickness – the more time you have to think about your home, the more you want to go back home. Be active and engage!

Join a gym, do volunteer work, attend classes, or sign up for activities at your school. Being on the go is also a great way to make new friends and get used to the local culture.

Tips against homesickness 5: Take photos

To take a lot of photos is a fantastic way to get to know your new home and fight homesickness. You get more used to the new environment and feel more at home every now and then.

Also, it can help to appreciate your new environment more by looking at the photos and remembering why you chose this destination.

So, hopefully these tips will help you to enjoy your time away and make the most of the many opportunities which will arrive.

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