No matter who you meet, what you say and what you do you’ll always have friends. The definition of a friend is someone who isn’t related to you and one whom you have a mutual connection with. But friends aren’t always the people who you associate yourself with, or people who you spend every day with. A friend is someone who asks if you are okay. A friend is someone who you smile at in the school halls. A friend is anyone who cares about and is there for you. However friends might not always be recognisable but you have to tell yourself that people are always going to be there for you, no matter how big or small the problem/worry is.
The definition of a friend is different from what it was a few years ago. The definition of a friend to someone now, is if they follow you on a social media platform, if they like your photo, if they comment on your photo. That’s what people associate friends as, the challenge of trying to impress people on social media. If that’s what you are doing. Then STOP because in real life no one is going to physically click like on you, so stop trying to impress people on how you look and focus on yourself and the person who you are, for you and the people who are around you in that moment of time.

But then you do have your best friends your BFFLS for life and those are the people who associate yourself with and so will other people. A best friend might not always be seen, but if they are a real friend they will always be there for you. People think that there are three types of friends 1. Friends for a reason 2. Friends for a season 3. Friends for a lifetime. But before you start to worry and think that all your friends have to be perfect. Then once again stop, because everyone is human and no one is perfect. So if you and your friend have argued then just remember it’s not permanent. Each argument or small disagreement makes your friendship stronger.


  • Liberty Andrews

    2nd May 2019at10:53 am Reply

    I struggle quite a bit with friends and after reading this article I don’t feel like I am going through this alone. Thank you for the confidence boost!! x

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