If you currently own an ultimate desire for a series filled with drama, comedy, love and relationships then ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ is the box set for you! It is set between 1996 and 98, it tells the story of Rae Earl, played by Sharon Rooney, and her hard attempts to return to normal life after spending a long, hot summer in psychiatric care following a suicide attempt. Rae has a best friend, Chloe, who seems to be completely unaware of Rae’s troublesome and whirlwind of a summer, and therefore the first series depicts Rae’s constant attempts to lead a ‘normal’ life, while hiding the truth behind her four months away from the small town of Stamford a secret.

Owing to a past of bullying and nicknames, Rae is too aware of her size and is continually confronted with many insecurities in the first episode. However, throughout the whole series there is a sense that all of the characters shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed by the aspects to life which they fear. Rae is presented as overweight and is profoundly terrified that her new friends will discover her deep secret and will then judge her. Intelligently, Rae writes a diary as a coping mechanism and for a sort of therapy, the range of doodles and cartoons from the book come to life on the screen which in my opinion, is a humorous and comic way of presenting Rae’s constant thoughts, feelings and emotions.

As the show progresses, Rae climatically realises that the friends which she has predicted as perfect and untouchable are struggling with insecurities of their own. Rae’s diary is her personal place to escape and purely be honest. At times, this complete honesty is a little cringeworthy, such as when she openly talks about the boy she likes, Finn, however it does give the series even more humour- Rae is extremely open about her lust. Rae tackles many issues such as mental illness, depression, suicide, body image and feminism with a charm and wit that could have been lost in worthiness.

With Rae’s complex story stretching over three series, there’s plenty of time to see her fall in and out of love, grow as a person and help her friends come to terms with their own emotional and difficult problems. The series is so addictive is it hard not to watch every episode! What could have just been another normal teen drama, ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ excels by discarding the familiar traits and shows us that life is about accepting the unordinary. The series is mad and full of surprises… so hurry up and go watch this innovative, gripping and relatable box set now!

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