It’s hard to really know what to say when someone is going through a breakup. Every breakup is special and specific to the person and it won’t always be the easiest to know how to help them or yourself. If you are currently going through a breakup I hope this article helps you understand that it’s all going to be okay, in the end. I remember my first breakup vividly, I was head over heels for this guy and when it ended I was devastated. I kept replaying every moment of the relationship over and over and over again in my mind and I couldn’t figure out why it all went wrong. It got so bad that I would wake up at four in the morning uncontrollably crying, feeling as though i’d just been stabbed in the gut a thousand times. My reason for telling you this is so you know, it all gets better in the end. That pain you have in your heart that makes your chest feel heavy and your eyes damp will eventually fade. I understand how hard it is to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but one day you will simply wake up and go ‘I just don’t care anymore’.

If you consume yourself with day to day activities and keep your mind occupied, slowly that hateful feeling inside, will disappear. Please don’t ever feel vengeful towards yourself or believe you have a negative persona, whatever happened to end things, it happened for a reason. Each and everyone of them has a purpose and a lesson to learn from, overtime you’ll move on and find someone new. A breakup isn’t just the end of something, it’s the beginning of something completely new. Yes, it will hurt from time to time when you past them in the corridor or look online to see them with someone new, but just know there learning just like you are. You have to grow from the events from the past so your prepared for the future. You won’t die alone just because this relationship didn’t’ work out.  Breakups are a short term pain… it’s what you learn from them that’ll last forever.

  • Grace Osmond

    25th January 2019at8:56 am Reply

    Thank you for your kind words of wisdom. This is really helped me so much. I now feel complete. Thanks a million xxx Grace

  • Caitlyn hemmings

    8th May 2019at4:59 pm Reply

    Thank you, this has helped me so much

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