Welcome to AFRIEND, a company formed under Young Enterprise as part of their Company Programme.  We are a group of 6th Form students from Clayesmore School in Dorset.

We have chosen to set up AFRIEND as a social enterprise (so not for profit) in order to

offer a frank and open forum for teenagers where we discuss many topics and issues that concern and worry us.

With some members of our team having experienced a mental illness and others working through day to day matters that no one understands as well as our own age group.

AFriend is a website based company that discuss ‘stuff that matters…(ish)’ such as exam stress and friendship. As well as the ‘stuff that matters’ we are also a fun bunch of people with a lot of energy and we have transferred all of this energy into creating fun videos about light hearted topics that relate to teenages who share the same ‘(ish)’ topics.

We hope you enjoy our site and would welcome your feedback – and please share your stuff that matters with us!